Speaking & Workshops

Shakira is a passionate, high energy speaker with a knack for connecting to an audience. Drawing from her own personal experiences, and relevant stories, she provides a relatable perspective that is both educational and engaging, to keep any audience informed and inspired to take action by the end of the talk.

Her speaking style is:

  • Vulnerable, authentic and real
  • Educational, informative, relevant
  • Active & engaging
  • Inspirational


As someone who has battled the difficulties of having a learning disability and effectively followed techniques to help her learn and excel, she is never afraid to share her personal story and to give voice to those unspoken for. Shakira’s aim is to use her platform to educate and offer the tools that she’s gathered along the way.

Her mission is to share her trials and triumphs with other parents, educators and those with a learning disability who may be having difficulties seeing their way through.

Speaking topics Include:

  • Making The Transition,
  • Goal Setting,
  • How to Find & Stay Motivated,
  • Building Confidence and
  • Creative Thinking &Planning


Each talk is created specifically for your target audience or event type, and to meet your intended outcome and objectives.

Shakira is available to speak at conferences, schools, universities, selected events and ceremonies.



Designed to catalyze powerful new ways of thinking and learning, these workshop programs will inspire new approaches and perspectives to create change to processes, organizations and individual strategies.


Educational Laws - The “Need to Know” Laws & Understanding Your Rights

The term “Learning Disability” is a blanketed term that covers many conditions. With a term used to cover such a wide range, many unique issues can slip through the proverbial cracks of our law system and to the understanding of many individuals who are dealing with a Learning Disability. It is crucial to know your rights or the rights of your child.

Designed specifically for individuals with and parents of those with Learning Disabilities, this session focuses on the area of educational law. Often difficult to understand and to apply to your life, this workshop will breakdown and simplify the various aspects of education law, including the rights of “exceptional” children under the Education Act, how the Human Rights Code protects students with disabilities and areas that schools can work on providing for students in certain cases to aide a student’s special learning process.

Click here to take this short self-evaluation quiz to find out where you stand in terms of knowing your child’s educational rights.


Homework Strategies for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities

Parents often dread homework just as much as their children do – with nagging them to get focused and even trying to remember how to do certain tasks, homework time can often be stressful. But homework for children with Learning Disabilities and their parents can be especially difficult.

Thankfully, there are key strategies parents can implement to assist their child in organizing their homework and retaining the information.

This workshop will provide a top 10 list of simple and effective strategies for creating successful home work practices and developing good study habits.


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For students with learning disabilities, school can be extremely stressful: oftentimes the lesson just moves too fast for them to process the information being presented. Individuals with learning disabilities may have difficulties in comprehension, reading, spelling, math and retaining information learned. Special Compass believes that everyone has a unique purpose to fill in this life and a skill set that is unique to them. Our approach to learning is creative, fun and strategy-based. This tutoring service is designed to first identify the needs of the individual to create a customized system that will help them to keep up with class materials but to also excel at it.



Lesson Plan Design & Consultation

Whether you're a general or special education teacher, principal, or specialist, you play a vitally important role in helping children with learning disabilities achieve their full potential. From early childhood to post—secondary level, strategy-based programs that are executed with consistency are the best for achieving growth in any learner with a learning disability.

In order to develop a curriculum for Learning Disability challenges, it is essential to understand the behavioral characteristics that mark these individuals and learn of their life experiences.

Helping educators to touch and effect the learning process of each individual learner, Special Compass can help customize plans that are creative, fun and informative in helping each individual master lessons assigned.