Who This Site is For?

Connecting the Dots
While Working for Change

While this site is designed to offer a community for individuals affected by Learning Disabilities, we at Special Compass want to be sure to highlight and speak to the unique perspectives of educators, parents and students. 


"Something must be wrong with me" is a statement that we all with a Learning Disability have frustratedly declared numerous times. My parents are unsure of what to do, teachers and other students don't understand me. Honestly, I don't understand myself sometimes.

This site is for people who feel or have felt this way. Having a Learning Disability can be confusing, frustrating and stressful but it does not have to be the point at which you meet your end. You are designed to achieve greatness which is a very real possibility once you make a decision to follow specific lessons and strategies. Special Compass is here to help guide you to greatness! 

Crush your negative thinking and lack of confidence academically by actually rising to your feet and putting your hands to work. You will find that with every step, whether a success or failure, you will develop the courage to do more of what you deeply desire.  And we are here to support you every step of the way. 

Are you a student in high school struggling in math or another subject? Perhaps you are making the transition to post-secondary school but are unsure if you are capable of doing well. Look here for resources, guides, study tips, strategy tools and plenty of motivation to help strengthen your resolve to reach your goals.  


You always knew your child needed extra help but you thought it might be a phase and hoped it would go away…but it didn't. As years pass, things only became tougher and your child keeps slipping further behind. They are not lazy and you truly believe that he/she is capable, yet you are at your wits end of what to do.  

Special Compass is a resource service to help provide you with plenty of information and arm you with the tools to make a change in your child's life. We will point you in the direction of who you can reach out to to get the help you need. 

From tutoring to breaking the barrier of education laws, we have you covered!

Many parents express guilt and blame themselves for their child's difficulties as they reflect on what they could have, should have done better. We have created a community support system that assures you that you are not alone in this experience and also equips you with the tools to make change. 


Special Compass recognizes that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to creating a successful teaching approach. With the unique needs of each student at the forefront, educators are faced with the challenge of finding engaging and proven strategies to help all students but especially those who have behavioural, communicational, and/or intellectual challenges. This site serves as an educational think tank of guides, worksheets, lesson plans and tools to help accomplish the goal of helping students learn at the level of their potential.